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What’s the Difference Between 401(k) and 403(b)?

401(k) and 403(b) If you’re not taking advantage of the option to invest in a 401(k) or 403(b) at work, you’re throwing money away. Here’s the difference between a 401(k) and 403(b) and how to take advantage of them. Hear about the differences of 401(k)s and 403(b)s: The differences between 401(k)s vs 403(b)s How do … Continued

5 Important Steps to Start a Queer Podcast

Hey, start your own queer podcast Tired of the ‘people suck’ narrative that rules traditional media? Wish someone was telling stories of cool people doing amazing things? Should someone amplify the diverse voices within the LGBTQ community? That’s why and here’s how to start your own queer podcast. Hear how to start your own queer … Continued

3 Steps to Build a Ginormous Airbnb Business

You may already have an Airbnb business Got a spare bedroom? Rent it! A couch? Rent it! A tent in the backyard? Rent it! You’d be surprised how much you can earn by listing your existing space on Airbnb, Misterbandb or other short-term rental sites to grow your Airbnb business. Hear how to build your … Continued

The Newest Way to Invest in Your Future

How to invest in your future Karen and Dave were struggling. Unplanned expenses forced the couple to max out several credit cards, and they weren’t sure how to fix it on their own. That’s when they came across our Credit Card Pay Off Course and made the decision to invest in their future. Is it … Continued

Master Geoarbitrage with these 5 Tips

Mastering geoarbitrage Do you ever dream of retiring early and traveling the world with your partner? Learning how to master geoarbitrage may be the answer. Hear the 5 tips for mastering geoarbitrage on this Queer Money®. Hear the 5 tips to mastering geoarbitrage: Meet Ali & Alison, geoarbitrage masters Ali & Alison Walker are the … Continued

How One Man Started Becoming Debt Free

On becoming debt free According to CNBC, 75% of Americans are winging it with their finances. So was Fred Norrell until he invested in our Credit Card Pay Off Course, and started becoming debt free. Now he’s on the path to early retirement.     Becoming debt free with the Debt Free Guys On this … Continued

5 Smart Ways to Eliminate Financial Stress

Eliminate financial stress Are you stressed about money? You’re not alone! So, here’s how to eliminate financial stress and live a happier life. Eliminating your financial stress Sixty-percent of the LGBTQ respondents to a recent study admitted to worrying about their money weekly. On this Queer Money®, we share five tips to eliminate financial stress … Continued