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5 Money Moves for Gay Teens

Money moves Gay Teens Can Make Starting Today Homeless gay teens make up 40% of the homeless youth in America. That means our LGBT teens need some serious financial help to be prepared for adulthood. Here are our four best money moves to make when you’re gay and 18. Whether we jump out or are … Continued

John Roberts and the Workplace Equality Index

John Roberts’ Workplace Equality Index When you think of an activist, what comes to mind? Marching in the streets? Are there other ways to promote LGBT rights, advocating for workplace equality and social change? The Workplace Equality Index, created by John Roberts, just may answer that question. John Roberts is the creator of the Workplace Equality … Continued

Todd Sears and Return on Equality

Return on Equality helps a business’s Return on Investment There’s no doubt you’re familiar with the concept of a Return on Investment (ROI) — but what about the idea of a Return on Equality? Todd Sears of Out Leadership shares his insight on how business can improve its bottom line LGBTQ inclusion. Todd Sears’ Return … Continued

Mental Health and Money

Is there a connection between mental health and money? Do you worry about money? A recent survey of our community revealed that 82% of LGBTQ couples worry about money at least once a month, with 58% of respondents admitting to feeling anxious at least once a week! So, what exactly is getting us down? How … Continued

Jonathan Lovitz Champions the NGLCC

We Are #LGBTBIZ Family with Jonathan Lovitz Being an entrepreneur is hard enough. You need a solid business plan as well as access to capital and connections with potential partners. A lot of things need to go right to make a new venture successful. Unfortunately, the LGBT-owned businesses who need the collective strength of the … Continued

Live Debt Free or Make More Money

Live Debt Free was the Obvious Choice Why did we choose to live debt free over making more money? For some, this seems like the stupid mistake but listen to the podcast this week and find out why. Our First Choice More, more, more. Buy, buy, buy! It’s the American dream, right? It’s in all … Continued

Building LGBTQ Money Confidence

Do we need to build LGBTQ money confidence? Are you following all the traditional advice on money, but you still feel stuck? The missing piece may be money confidence, a mindset critical to financial success. So, how do you develop money confidence? What is the connection between financial confidence and your ability to earn? And … Continued

The Best Event for LGBTQ Teen Entrepreneurs

A place for LGBTQ teen entrepreneurs Forty-two percent of students, including LGBTQ student, in grades 5-12 plan to start their own businesses one day and 3% are entrepreneurs already. Is there a place for these LGBTQ teen entrepreneurs to connect and build community with other teenpreneurs? Where can aspiring LGBTQ teen entrepreneurs (and their parents) … Continued

Don’t Miss the 7-Day Debt Freedom Challenge

Introducing the 7-Day Debt Freedom Challenge You’ve asked for it, and we’re happy to announce that the 7-Day Debt Freedom Challenge is live. You know you can be debt free. You just need the right tools. Here it is, so let’s get you started! The 7-Day Debt Freedom Challenge On this Queer Money™, we talk … Continued

Gay Facebook Ads Help LGBTQ Entrepreneurs Flourish

Using gay Facebook ads to make your business flourish Facebook’s been in the news for the wrong reasons lately. But even with the #DeleteFacebook movement, it still has more than two billion active users worldwide. This is why and how ALL LGBTQ entrepreneurs can flourish with gay Facebook ads. LGBTQ brick-and-mortar and virtual business owners … Continued