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The Best 401k for Young Adults

How to get the best 401k for young adults What’s the fastest way for most of us to get rich? By investing as much as we can as early as we can into a 401k. As a reader asks, though, what’s the best 401k for young adults? A Traditional 401k or a Roth 401k? Listen … Continued

A Surprising Fact about Gay Suicide and What We Can Do

Lesbian, Trans, Bi and Gay suicide September is Suicide Prevention Awareness month. Lesbian, trans, bi and gay suicide and suicide attempts happen disproportionally more than the general population, and people who die by suicide are eight times more likely to have debt. Lesbian, Trans, Bi and Gay Suicide and Queer Money We partner with our … Continued

MassMutual’s LGBTQ Financial Security Study Says This Scares You

MassMutual’s LGBTQ Financial Security Study According to MassMutual’s LGBTQ Financial Security Study, 58% of queer people worry about money at least once a week. Do you? The Deets of MassMutual’s LGBTQ Financial Security Study Between February 28 and March 14, 2017, MassMutual along with Greenwald & Associates, conducted an online survey of middle-income Americans over-weighted with … Continued

Master LGBTQ Social Media with Pink Banana

Pink Banana Media Schools Us on Connecting with an LGBTQ Audience Navigating the online space to market your business can feel a little like the Wild West. There aren’t any hard and fast rules, and everyone is still trying to figure out what works best. If your business caters to the LGBT community, you may … Continued

5 Steps to Prepare for Financial Emergencies in Your Sleep

Prepare for Financial Emergencies This simple, five-step guide from our Queer Money™ podcast will prepare for financial emergencies with your eyes closed.  Listen to Saving for Financial Emergencies: Dealing with an emergency is difficult enough, but add to that the stress of not being able to cover your bills afterward. An unexpected accident, illness or … Continued