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4 Key Tips for Investing in Volatile Markets

Should you be investing in volatile markets? When the Coronavirus triggered a stock market crash, a lot of investors panicked. Others saw the dip as an opportunity to buy. So, what if you want to invest, but you don’t want to live on an emotional roller coaster? Is there an approach to investing that lends … Continued

A Big Debt Free Guys Announcement

What’s our big Debt Free Guys announcement? We’re so excited, and we just can’t hide it! Our signature system for paying off credit card debt has its own dedicated site at So, what inspired us to build a platform separate from Debt Free Guys®? And what will you find on the new site? Debt … Continued

9 Fun Ways to Celebrate Pride at Home

How to celebrate pride at home We could all use a Pride Parade right about now, but 2020 is just not cooperating. So, what can we do to make this June as much fun as the past? How can we celebrate pride at home and celebrate the LGBTQ community wherever we are? Hear how we … Continued

The Curious Thing about Polyamory Finance

How to talk about finances in a polyamorous relationship It’s hard enough to get two people on the same page when it comes to money. So, what do you do when there are three or more people involved?  Hear how to manage polyamory finances The best approach to polyamory finance Michelle Waymire is the fiduciary financial … Continued

Saving vs Spending: Which Is Better Now?

Should You Be Saving vs Spending? Is saving your money a threat to the economy? Some think so. In light of the Coronavirus shutdown, should you be saving vs spending money right now? Find out! Hear the pros and cons of saving and spending  Is now the right time to be saving or spending? A … Continued

7 Fun Quarantine Dates Ideas

Amazing quarantine dates ideas With most traditional date nights off the table, you and your partner may be struggling to find things to do together beyond ‘Netflix and chill.’ Here are our 7 best quarantine dates for you and that most important person. Get all 7 fun and fabulous quarantine dates: Quarantine date ideas that … Continued

9 Fun Ways to Stay Sane During Quarantine

How to stay sane during quarantine If being quarantined at home has you going a little (or A LOT) stir crazy, you are not alone. We’ve all been forced to adjust to new circumstances. So, we came up with 9 strategies to stay sane during quarantine despite the limitations.  Hear 9 ways to maintain sanity … Continued

How to Separate Business & Personal Finances

Separate Business & Personal Finances Are you using your personal checking account for your side hustle? Here’s the very important reasons to separate business and personal finances How to separate business and personal finances If you’re just starting a microbusiness, it may seem like no big deal to commingle your business and personal finances. But … Continued

10 Pros & Cons of Starting a Side Business

Should you start a side business? Starting a side business is an obvious way to bring in additional revenue and enjoy a little extra security. But there are real challenges with managing a side hustle. Here’s how you know if entrepreneurship is right for you? Hear what to consider before diving into a side business … Continued