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Transgender Healthcare with Callen-Lorde

What are our transgender healthcare options? There are at least 1M transgender individuals in the US. And yet, trans healthcare is not included in most medical training programs. So, what obstacles do members of the trans community face in accessing quality care? And what does it cost them? Hear Finn’s advice on transgender healthcare Here’s … Continued

The Shocking Cost of LGBTQ Retirement

What makes LGBTQ retirement so expensive?  Did you know LGBTQ retirement costs about 40% more than the general population? And most retirement calculators don’t factor that in! Hear Samantha’s advice on saving for retirement How you can have a fabulous LGBTQ retirement? Samantha Hernandez is the lesbian money coach behind The Money Institute, a platform … Continued

10 Gay Relationship Goals We Love

Gay couple relationship goals What are your aspirations as a gay couple, to have designer dogs with cute names, to bet on the winning queen on Drag Race, to jet set, or something even more? We think it’s the latter, and here’s why. Top 10 Gay Relationship Goals Worth Achieving in 2021 On this episode … Continued

What Makes Money A Made-Up Thing?

Is money a made-up thing? What is money, really? Where did it come from? Yes, bills and coins are real, and they have value. But only because people invented it! So, how did our current financial system come to be? And what can the history of money teach us about making it work better for us? … Continued

The Pros and Cons of Debt Settlement

Is debt settlement too good to be true? If you’re drowning in debt, the many tools to become debt free may seem confusing and debt settlement enticing. Here’s everything you need to know about using debt settlement to become debt free. What is debt settlement? Debt settlement or debt relief is a means of paying … Continued

4 Curious Reasons Gays Earn More Money

Why do gay men earn more? How do you feel when you find out someone is earning more money than you? How about when the person earning more money is a member of our queer community? Hear how gay men earning more money can help our community What factors are causing gay men to earn … Continued

Slay Debt in 2021 with the Debt Lasso

Debt Lasso is Your Debt Free Solution Are you so over stressing about credit card debt? Would you like to make 2021 the year you rewrite your money story and SLAY your debt once and for all? The Debt Lasso and Credit Card Pay Off Plan are the right solutions for you.  Listen to the … Continued

Talking Gay Stereotypes with Kyle & Mike of Gayish

How can we overcome gay stereotypes? Are gay stereotypes always bad? Can some of the assumptions people make about the queer community be beneficial? How do these seemingly positive stereotypes impact our finances and mental health? Let’s find out. Hear Mike and Kyle’s advice on breaking stereotypes In what ways can gay stereotypes impact our … Continued

Amy Coney Barret: The New Gay Agenda

How does Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barret affect us? Amy Coney Barrett is the newest Supreme Court Justice on a now conservative bench. This is what we must do now to continue to fight for our rights. How we can respond to Amy Coney Barret’s appointment: Let’s focus on creating change On this episode … Continued