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How Queer Entrepreneurs Can Grow their Business

Grow your brand – and yourself – as a queer entrepreneur Are you an LGBTQ entrepreneur looking to scale? Or a queer business leader driven to build your platform? Here’s our number one tip to join the group of influential queer entrepreneurs. Queer Entrepreneurs are Authors Sharing your story in a book may be the … Continued

How to Achieve Financial Independence

Achieve financial independence What’s most important to you? Impressing other people with the latest Prada shoes? Or giving back to the LGBTQ community? We can all achieve financial independence, but there’s one important first step. Hear the first step to achieve financial independence: The first step to achieving financial independence The first step to achieving … Continued

7 Surprising and Affordable Gay Wedding Tips

Your affordable gay wedding tips First comes love, then comes marriage. Then comes the big, old bill for that expensive gay wedding! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Get 7 affordable gay wedding tips for a fabulous wedding without the fabulous financial hangover. Affordable gay wedding tips from the fabulous Aimee Palifroni:  … Continued

What You Don’t Know about Queer Financial Wellness

What You Don’t Know about Queer Financial Wellness What’s the current state of Queer financial wellness? How is it impacting your physical and mental health? Prudential’s Financial Wellness Advocate, Amanda Clayman, tells all. This is a sponsored post written in partnership with Prudential. All opinions expressed in this post are based on our personal views. … Continued

Financial Planning for Special Needs Kids

What your family needs to know about financial planning for special needs kids Financial planning for special needs kids is a vital part of being a parent if you have a child with special needs. Same-sex couples are far more likely to adopt or foster a special needs child than our straight counterparts. Here’s what … Continued

5 Simple Ways to Raise Your Money Vibration

Do you need to raise your money vibration? Do you keep making the same mistakes around money? Have you tried to follow a budget, but didn’t have the willpower to stick with it? If so, it’s time to explore the unconscious beliefs that are at the root of your behavior and raise your money vibration. This … Continued

5 Slick Tips to Get Financially Organized

Becoming financially organized can be stupid simple You know the satisfaction you feel when your desk or closet is totally organized? When you know where everything is? What if you could get financially organized this way? Well, you can! This episode of Queer Money® is being brought to you by the 13-Week Leap. Start easily managing … Continued

How Terry Eaton Created a Thriving Art Business

Eaton Fine Art Terry Eaton of Eaton Fine Art turned his childhood passion for art into a thriving business, and it’s very possible you’ve seen his work in some of your favorite hotels around the world. This episode of Queer Money®is being brought to you by the Budget Buster Bundle. Budget like a bada$$ with the Budget … Continued

Living Fabulously Frugal with 7 Simple Steps

Yes, you can live fabulously frugal and maintain your fabulousness If you think fabulous and frugal are mutually exclusive, you think wrong. You can start living fabulously frugal and here are 7 ways to do it. This episode of Queer Money®is being brought to you by the Budget Buster Bundle. Budget like a bada$$ with … Continued