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Talking about Money with Your Spouse

It’s time to start talking about money with your spouse Talking about money a spouse is never easy. That’s why we’re sharing five tips to help you start talking about money with your spouse. Plus, we made this super-helpful tool to help guide your conversation. Talking about money doesn’t have to suck Talking about money … Continued

Getting Life Insurance When You are HIV Positive

Is getting life insurance when you are HIV positive hard?  Life insurance is incredibly important. Not only does the death benefit cover funeral costs, but the payout can also provide long-term financial security for your loved ones. But can you get life insurance when you have HIV? Learn how to get life insurance when are … Continued

Moving to Spain with Justin McCarty

Leaving the U.S. and moving to Spain Justin McCarty was living in Denver, working 60 to 70 hours a week at a job he’d had for 12 years. He made a lot of money, but he was constantly connected to his phone and had very little free time. Had changed all that by moving to … Continued

The #1 Way to Get Rid of Debt Fast

Get rid of debt The stats are bleak: The average LGBTQ family has roughly $12,000 in credit card debt. We assume 17% more student loan debt than our straight peers—which translates to about $40,000—and 79% of queer students have both credit card and student loan debt prior to graduation. But now there’s hope with the … Continued

9 Money Moves to Rock Your 2019

Making 2019 the Best Year Ever with these Money Moves Every year we get excited about doing complete 180 with ourselves. Lose weight, pay off debt, earn more money, sleep more and stress less, and every year we come up short. Not this year! This year we’re taking small steps to make 2019 the best … Continued

How LGBTQ Discrimination Harms Us Financially

The financial cost of LGBTQ discrimination There are still 30 states where it’s legal to discriminate against someone because they identify as LGBT. Such inequities affect our quality of life, but have you ever considered how LGBTQ discrimination affects your financial health? LGBTQ discrimination and debt Leslie Tayne is the founder and lead attorney at … Continued

How LGBTQ Families and Retirees Can Stop Stressing

Hey, LGBTQ families and retirees, stop stressing! What is the financial ‘State of the American family’? What concerns do LGBTQ families share with our straight peers and where do we diverge? Is the queer community ready for a retirement that lets us live fabulously well into our on golden pond years? Hear how LGBTQ families … Continued

Our 9 favorite gay travel apps 

Our favorite gay travel apps  Being recently geoliberated – yep, our term – we’re currently consumed with gay travel apps to aid our gay travel. Here are our favorites and the planner that helps us plan more gay travel. Gay travel apps to travel more and spend less Walk into any room filled with a … Continued